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''Malf, is a band that is hard to categorise. I suppose if a pigeon hole had to be found, then perhaps it would be somewhere in the region of Bowie's Thin White Duke, period and possibly Suede. Their album Radiomagnetofon dictates and demands. You as a listener are willingly seduced. I could play a track from Bowie's The Next Day and follow it with anything from Malf's album and know with confidence that I would have an audience attentively listening by the end of their track waiting to hear who it was.''

Peter Antony - Radio Caroline


"I love Malf's debut album 'RadioMagnetofon'. A dozen immaculate songs packed with hooks, melodies, and delicious echoes of everything great in British pop-rock from Bowie and Bolan to Radiohead and Suede – yet all delivered with a distinctive voice and a dramatic style that are entirely Malf’s own. Seriously brilliant."

Nicholas Pegg - Author 'The Complete David Bowie'


"Good man! Good music! Good album!"

Steve 'Krusher' Joule


"Malf is the new Joe Strummer
Music for troubled times-Malf
A total sensory onslaught"

Rob Harrison - Radio Caroline


''RadioMagnetofon could only have been created by someone who had not just seen life, but who had thrown themselves into it, been buffeted by its currents, and experienced its ebbs and flows. Malf has put a lot of himself into this album, affirming through its witty and mostly upbeat course the richness life has to offer if you choose to jump in and swim! My personal favourite 'A strangled tonic with ice''

Paul Crowe - Uckfield FM


''Radio Magnetofon by MALF is one of those albums that intrigue and cause you to listen to more than nice, and you aren't always sure why? 'Why do you do the things you do?' especially is one that sticks with you for a long time and goes some way to answering the question.
To a hardened rocker like myself, it entices you yet wants you to appreciate more than you would with a straightforward rock album. It's rock but it's so much more, it's not classic rock but it's classic and it rocks.
An album full of good music and one that makes you think. It doesn't come with a free bottle of Jack Daniels but as someone once said, 2 out of 3 aint bad'

Roger Fauske - Stroud FM





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